Curtain Call

During my stay in the hospital, I was fascinated by the hospital bed curtains – those which the nurses use to cocoon a patient’s bed.  These very curtains, once drawn, somehow kick off the other patients’ enthusiasms in performing their neck stretches to see what is going on, especially when one hears mysterious gurgling sounds, smell weird odours – OMG is-that-a-fart-or-something-worse smell, etc.  Ok – so it was only me who did the neck stretches 😜.

Back to those curtains – they have a netting-like section at the top followed by the conventional fabric section.  They inspired me to overhaul the curtains in my living room.

Privacy has always been a security blanket which I hug closely to protect the introverted me. Would love to do more living in my living room but having living room windows which face a corridor – and people do have to pass through this corridor – do limit to a certain extent what I can do. 

The sheer day curtains are too sheer (I should smack my younger self for that!),  I can see right into the bedroom in the next block.

After a couple of episodes of The Unit, the new living room curtains are ready!

I deserve a medal 🏆!