Birthday treat – extended play

Best Hubby treated me to lunch at a rather posh eating place, as part of his extended birthday program for me.

Ordered the fettuccine with mushrooms and bacon. When the dish was placed in front of me, I had a silent OMG! moment — the luminosity of the exquisite large China plate somehow just made the smallness of the quantity served all the more glaring. The only good point is that since I can’t eat much nowadays, at least the food won’t be wasted.  Okay, am done with the whining. 

Now on to the good parts:

  • The bacon strips were downright crispy 👍👍
  • The truffle fries which came from Best Hubby’s main course were heavenly 👍👍👍
  • The 50% off discount which were offered satisfied the ‘frugal granny’ in me 👍👍👍.

It was a good lunch after all 😎!


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