The ‘2000 Chinese words’ advice

Someone once told me that if I am able to master around 2000 Chinese words, I should be able to read the everyday Chinese content easily.

Here where I live, the English TV dramas come with Chinese subtitles.  So, am restarting my Chinese lessons.  Hopefully by the end of the 2000-word journey, I will be able to read them quickly enough before the next sentence is flashed.

Characters 1 to 5

矮   钢   铅   宜   匹

1. 矮 (ai3) – short

矮小 (ai3 xiao3) – diminutive, under-sized

2. 钢 (gang1) – steel

钢笔 (gang1 bi3) – pen

3. 铅 (qian1) – lead

铅笔 (qian1 bi3) – pencil

4. 宜 (yi2) – suitable, proper

便宜 (pian2 yi2) – inexpensive

5. 匹 (pi1)

一匹马 (yi1 pi1 ma3) a horse

匹夫 (pi3 fu1) – ordinary man; ignorant person.



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