Curtain Call

During a recent stint in the hospital, I was fascinated by the hospital bed curtains – those which the nurses use to cocoon a patient’s bed.  These curtains have a netting-like section at the top with the fabric section attached below.They inspired me to overhaul the curtains in my living room.

Privacy has always been a security blanket which I hug closely to protect the introverted me. Would love to do more living in my living room but having living room windows which face a corridor – and people do have to pass through this corridor – do limit to a certain extent what I can do.

The sheer day curtains are too sheer (I should smack my younger self for that!),  I can see right into the bedroom in the next block.

After a couple of episodes of The Unit, the new living room curtains are ready!

I deserve a medal 🏆!


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