Mila 18

An incredible book about the lives of ordinary people in Warsaw Poland as Hitler unfolded his grand plans for Europe.

The various threads of courageous actions, cowardice, love, fear and sacrifice weave the whole story to keep me immersed throughout.  There is something about courage in the midst of cruelty and evil which pours courage into my own life.

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Birthday treat – extended play

Best Hubby treated me to lunch at a rather posh eating place, as part of his extended birthday program for me.

Ordered the fettuccine with mushrooms and bacon. When the dish was placed in front of me, I had a silent OMG! moment — the luminosity of the exquisite large China plate somehow just made the smallness of the quantity served all the more glaring. The only good point is that since I can’t eat much nowadays, at least the food won’t be wasted.  Okay, am done with the whining. 

Now on to the good parts:

  • The bacon strips were downright crispy 👍👍
  • The truffle fries which came from Best Hubby’s main course were heavenly 👍👍👍
  • The 50% off discount which were offered satisfied the ‘frugal granny’ in me 👍👍👍.

It was a good lunch after all 😎!

The ‘2000 Chinese words’ advice

Someone once told me that if I am able to master around 2000 Chinese words, I should be able to read the everyday Chinese content easily.

Here where I live, the English TV dramas come with Chinese subtitles.  So, am restarting my Chinese lessons.  Hopefully by the end of the 2000-word journey, I will be able to read them quickly enough before the next sentence is flashed.

Characters 1 to 5

矮   钢   铅   宜   匹

1. 矮 (ai3) – short

矮小 (ai3 xiao3) – diminutive, under-sized

2. 钢 (gang1) – steel

钢笔 (gang1 bi3) – pen

3. 铅 (qian1) – lead

铅笔 (qian1 bi3) – pencil

4. 宜 (yi2) – suitable, proper

便宜 (pian2 yi2) – inexpensive

5. 匹 (pi1)

一匹马 (yi1 pi1 ma3) a horse

匹夫 (pi3 fu1) – ordinary man; ignorant person.


Curtain Call

During my stay in the hospital, I was fascinated by the hospital bed curtains – those which the nurses use to cocoon a patient’s bed.  These very curtains, once drawn, somehow kick off the other patients’ enthusiasms in performing their neck stretches to see what is going on, especially when one hears mysterious gurgling sounds, smell weird odours – OMG is-that-a-fart-or-something-worse smell, etc.  Ok – so it was only me who did the neck stretches 😜.

Back to those curtains – they have a netting-like section at the top followed by the conventional fabric section.  They inspired me to overhaul the curtains in my living room.

Privacy has always been a security blanket which I hug closely to protect the introverted me. Would love to do more living in my living room but having living room windows which face a corridor – and people do have to pass through this corridor – do limit to a certain extent what I can do. 

The sheer day curtains are too sheer (I should smack my younger self for that!),  I can see right into the bedroom in the next block.

After a couple of episodes of The Unit, the new living room curtains are ready!

I deserve a medal 🏆!

Best Arm Position for an IV Drip

Trotted back obediently to the Specialist for her next re-education strategy for the immune system rebels.

Sucks! It still requires the dreaded IV drip. This time, the needle went the position just below the elbow pit. It felt pretty comfortable too – anything without pain at this point is categorised as ‘comfortable’!

Was pretty pleased with myself at how pain-free this round turned out and the crafter-itch in me started to manifested itself. And so I took out my knitting instructions for the Double Seed Stitch Scarf from Purl Soho – all crafters ARE ready at all times!

Setting the foundation row came accompanied with a couple of un-ladylike words but managed to get it up in the end. I gave myself a medal.

The next few rows turned me into a very crazed knitter. Soon the elbow – the one with that needle – began to bend closer to my body as I got carried anyway with Purl 1, Knit 1. I had to straighten out that sneaky fella which bended many times without my instructions!

Well, after row 4 – the transparent tube stuck to the needle started to get somewhat red. I stopped – didn’t want the nurse to confiscate my knitting 😝.

A couple of lessons from this IV drip at the elbow pit episode:

  • I can’t bun my hair
  • I can’t put on a center front hair grip to the level of perfection I wanted 
  • I can’t button my hospital pajamas – good thing hubby was around to help out as I didn’t want to risk being marched off to the mad-house.

The knitting is progressing well – will continue with it once the coast is clear 😜!